a. A way or means of reaching something.
b. The method used in dealing with or accomplishing.

NuBreed excels because of its expertise and integrated customer approach. We realize that our competitive advantage translates into our expertise plus client satisfaction. Our principal operation formula is:

Client Satisfaction = Client Loyalty

That’s why we constantly strive to maintain our leading-edge technical expertise and a thorough understanding of our clients’ business needs.

At NuBreed we base our approach on the 4M paradigms:

  • Maximize technological expertise through continuous training and hands on experience.
  • Maximize business expertise through attracting specialists in concrete vertical markets.
  • Minimize the risk of project failures through aggressive project management and utilization of strict international standards such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Minimize project cost through utilization of low-cost/high expertise technical talents provided by our offshore partners.